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  1. It has a black leather sling case.
  2. The arm will show the amount of inclination when the reflection of the centre of the pupil of the eye coincides with the object being observed.
  3. An accessory that I do not have was a battery powered lamp that could be fitted in place of the mirror to illuminate the optical path.
  4. The hunter case is in very good condition and retains all its nickel plating both inside and out.
  5. The serial number is which is engraved inside the lid.
  6. The double wick oil burner and illumination makes this a heavy duty navigation light used on ocean going blue-water vessels.
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  • There is a tripod or staff screw under the base plate for when it is used as a compass.
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  • The card is mother of pearl, the case is brass and it has luminous radium compound markings radio active!

Used for laying out right angles on building sites, etc. Charles Quiver, west palm beach dating services with antique elk hide construction. This lamp would have been mounted on the left or port side of the ship. The level is mainly oxidised brass or bronze and is in good working order.

Note - To tell if the knife in a set is the right knife, look at the model number found on either the tang or the finger guard. Qualified candidates must be able to perform the essential functions of this position satisfactorily with or without a reasonable accommodation. These later assemblies can be recognized by their white serial numbers. If your bow says Gainesville on it, dating webster then you know that it was made after this move. There is no indication of the maker.

Then in Bear began using a new Uni-Directional glass in which the glass fibers all ran lengthwise to the bow limbs. The English bar needle pivots on a jewel for accuracy and resistance to wear, and is set under an undamaged bevelled crystal. The Grizzly also began production with the aluminum lamination, but very early in the aluminum was dropped due to the high reported breakage problems of these aluminum bows. This lamp would have to have been mounted in the middle of the ship possibly in the bridge area.

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The light consists of a clear fresnel lens with red port and blue starboard removable lenses. As it was, I was dressed in blue-jeans and a very casual shirt. The light consists of a red port and blue starboard fresnel lens combination. The distinctive dial dates the compass to around although the main cardinal points appear to have had some sort of luminous compound added, probably at a later date. This appears to be based on the prismatic compass clinometer with typical aluminium compass ring dial and metal clinometer card.

Still retaining nearly all of its black finish on the lid, the Mother of Pearl dial and glass covers are in very good condition. Dual wick burner produced completely of copper and brass except for the oil burner. The magnetic meridian can first be found by using it horizontally when it functions as an ordinary magnetic compass.

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It is also equipped with a level tube that can be screwed under the base beam as shown in the second picture. It has an extending sighting tube. Completely manufactured with copper and brass, maker mark badge, speed dating for mom and burner. There is a clamp and slow motion the clamp screw knob had sheared off and I have repaired it since the photos were taken.

The full hunter case retains all its original nickel plating, and no dents. Everyone, I mean everyone, was in suits and even tuxedos. It has a black, cloth covered, card case. The shorter alidade can be rotated relative to the larger, dating someone you fixed alidade for measuring angles between objects and the baseline.

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New replacement cloth wicks were put into each of the dual burners. Nels felt strongly that bows should be individually crafted, and not made by machine. John Benjamin Dancer was working from until and it is likely that this level dates from near the end of that period. Yet another way to help determine the age of your bow is to look for a coin type medallion in the riser. In very good condition, the only blemish is a small shell chip on the underside of the glass outer edge, its not too noticeable, but I mention it for accuracy.

This one probably dates from the s. The main very sensitive level is sighted through the mirror and there is also a cross level. Note - There were actually two different variations of the first model suede St. There are many features and changes applied by Bear over the years which will help you in determining your bows model year.

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The upper horizontal plate motion is too stiff but otherwise it appears to be in excellent working order. Upon Nels departure, Fred moved another employee by the name of Bob Meeker over to supervise the manufacturing of the new bow lines. Feeling totally out of place, I found a corner in the back of the Courtyard and proceeded to earn back as much of the profit that I had given Bear that year as I could, eating my weight in seafood. Why just get a shadow box or a newly made trunk with no history!

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The brass case is also in good condition with a warm patination, and is dent free. Originally the case would have been blackened brass, but is now brightly polished, which looks quite eye catching. The instrument is in good working order. The customizing options alone set this apart from any other app out there, except perhaps Carrot. The white overlays were made before the change to the red overlays.

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It can be used as surveying compass and a clinometer in a variety of ways. It has a leather case with a belt loop, probably dating from the s. Dating to between - and complimented by the small triangular hand made hinges, a clean compass which is probably approaching years old. So Nels left, even though Fred tried to convince him to stay with some handsome financial offers, and struck out on his own to make bows.

Today this watch holds a place of honor in my collection unlike few other items I possess. It is intended to be used in the same way as a wye level. The target will appear with one half displaced vertically from the other in the mirrors. Charles was the West Coast distributor for Bear Archery almost since the beginning. And if you find two, call me!

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It is complete with fitted steel case and stand and has a plummet in the case and a ray shade. Go back and read my earlier column on Book Collecting for tips on how to find used books on the Internet. The lights consists of a red and green, port and starboard lense.

The Grumley bow on the left is a Bush Bow, while the bow on the right is the Deerslayer model. The body retains virtually all of its original oxidised black finish, and is engraved J H Steward Ltd, Strand London. In full working order including the lid activated transit lock, the nickel plated case is dent free and has a strong hinge. It can also be used to measure the slope of a surface by direct reading through the lower glass.

Also incorporates a pendulous arm for measuring angle of slope in centimetres per metre. The accompanying tan leather case is also in excellent condition. By using this site, you agree to this use.

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The patination on the case is a wonderful colour, complimented by the delicate brass clasp and hinge. The single wick burner puts out a substantial amount of illumination making this an excellent navigation used on river and coastal vessels. The level is mounted on a tribrach, in the base of which is a small circular spirit level for rough adjustment. When used as a clinometer the weighted clinometer card is released by pulling the knob at the top. However it differs in two ways and is intended to be used on a tripod for which there is a screw thread in the base.

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