Hook up plantronics cs50 headset, plantronics cs50 electronic hookswitch for cisco phones

Once set, you will not need to adjust the Compatibility Slide Switch again, unless you change phones. These jacks are standard on most cordless phones manufactured in the past few years. Be respectful, dating website keep it civil and stay on topic. Locate the Telephone Interface Cable.

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Please feel free to call us toll free at so we can look up your model and recommend the right solution for you.

Plantronics CS50 Electronic Hookswitch for Cisco Phones

When pushed up, it raises your speaker volume, and pushed down decreases the volume. What are the benefits of QuickDisconnect? When you have an incoming call, you will hear beeps in your ear indicating a call.

If you need to adjust it, turn the dial until you feel the dial slide into the next numbered position. Wireless Shop All Wireless Products. Make sure to call a friend or co-worker for your first call and ask how you sound. Review Sections Review Specs. In case you change phones in the future, you may need this cable, depending on compatibility.

Plantronics Compatibility Guide and Product Info

If you have any questions regarding compatibility with your phone, please don't hesitate to call us toll free at or click here for the Plantronics Compatibility Guide. Plantronics Dispatch and Controller Adapters. Plantronics Training Cords and Training Adapters.

There are many phones with specific idiosyncrasies not detailed above. We noticed a slight echo in our system at first, and we had to fiddle quite a bit with all the dials before vanquishing the annoyance. The performance junkie's hot hatch. Pushing the button in again will deactivate the mute feature allowing your caller to hear you again.

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  • Installation is quick and simple!
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  • However, we found the attachment piece to be rather flimsy, breaking off after just six weeks of use.
  • It will have plastic modular plugs on each end and a black connector in the middle of the cable.

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You will feel a snug pull when the two magnets pull ensuring a perfect fit. The Microphone Volume dial settings is what controls your microphone volume, or how well your caller hears you. The first thing to understand is the Call Control Button. The best thing I've tried this year. It connects to your phone in the same manner as described above and is compatible with the vast majority of single- or multi-line telephone sets.

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  1. Other Miscellaneous Accessories.
  2. Take the larger modular plug and insert it into the base that shows a picture of a telephone.
  3. Our Apollo-inspired dreams of living on the moon could still come true.
  4. Lift your handset off the phone and set it on your desk.
  5. If you wish to use the handset, you can also plug the receiver back into the base unit, which conveniently doubles as a charger.

You should now hear a dial tone, or on some phones, you also need to press an available line to get a dial tone. Here's a look at the smart home products that are most worth your time. If you have too much side tone causing echo, turn down your Microphone Volume enough so your caller still hears you comfortably, dating in but enough so the side tone is not distracting to you. You will hear a dial tone.

You simply need to change the compatibility slide switch to work with your phone. This allows you to make a minor speaker adjustment from call to call if need be. Shop All Computer Products.

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2 Step Plantronics C054 Pairing Guide
Plantronics CS50 Electronic Hookswitch for Cisco Phones

If you need to put the call on hold, or transfer the call, walk back to your phone and press the desired buttons. You can also click here for the Plantronics Compatibility Guide. The second button or rocker switch also acts as your microphone mute button when pushed in. You should now hear a dial tone.


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Plantronics Electronic Hookswitch (EHS Cable) Compatibility Chart

Shop All Cellular Products. The Speaker Volume dial settings is the major adjustment for what you hear. Visit manufacturer site for details. Shop All Wireless Products. Sounds great, online dating site vancouver but lacks vision.

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