League of legends dating website, tinder for league we made an app leagueoflegends

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As long as certain males dont go overboard with this app I'll be interested in supporting it. The next major update which willl be huge will be around the end of the month, we are working on android at the moment. Nah, Thresh doesn't reek of Axe body spray and disappointment.

League of legends dating website

News of Legends

We already have the wheels turning, though. Want to add to the discussion? Do you mind checking out the crowdfunding page? Real patricians get new phones every time.

As for the profile picture you will upload a picture of your self. Haha alright, speed dating do you mind checking out the crowdfunding page? We're manually verifying people until we get our systems working again.

League of legends dating website

Can barely meet for coffee without sweet talking for weeks. Outside of our playtesting and shout-casting teams, it feels like super high ranked players at Riot are just as rare as high ranked players anywhere else. Please make this for other games! Ability to find League of Legends players around you with their own unique personal profiles.

Thank-you very much for your support everyone! God, the one thing I miss about my ex. This could defo be a thing. Unless he does, which would make the champ much more hated. Schedule for Summer Split.

Tinder for League We made an App leagueoflegends

That is very true, well how about we make it generic League of Legends buddy finder kinda thing? As for the name, we are thinking of League of Friends? Hello Everyone, We are planning on developing a League of Legends dating website along with an app. We are planning on developing a League of Legends dating website along with an app. League of Legends Dating App self.

League of legends dating website

Only problem i see with that is people using random high elo summoner names. The people using it should be positive about going on dates. We are now accumulating everyone's feedback and proceeding to second phase. Match making system, 18 year old similar to Tinder.

League of legends dating website

It will be open source, so any developer can work with it. Then it will get much more attention. Let's get this out to everyone within weeks! Considering how thirsty League players are it won't be a big deal here either.

Will message when we've got it fixed. It's like Grindr, except you'll probably find more dicks on it, since you're playing League of Legends. Meh, everyday people seem to be open to both sex.

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  • However, we are currently contemplating as to if we should including rankings or not.
  • Only plebs pour champange on phones that don't break.

You should post it again when android version comes out. It's gorgeous, clever, and feels so neat. We will be working closely with the community. Wow that is so offensive towards people who identify as junglers.

  1. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.
  2. We also have a summoner name verification system in development so look for that in a coming update.
  3. Havent tried the app yet but all that is needed is your summoner name to get passed that.
League of legends dating website
League of legends dating website

If guys end up liking eachother, well then, koodos to them? And oh, are you going to call it Heartseeker? Keep your ideas flowing, online dating we are diligently taking notes! We will also display your basic summoner information. Theres more android users I bet here and you will lose high amount of possible users who will forget by the time it comes out.

League of legends dating website

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Make sure to Edit the post with a link to where we can donate, let's make this happen! We're all people with jobs and life priorities. With the introduction of DynamicQ, it's clear that League now rewards players for teaming up and queuing together. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Looks like our database on the server dropped off, looking at it now. Imagine all the midgame afk premade bot duos. That's just google marketing numbers. Very true, we have had the same occurrences as well! That would be optional, if not you can use your email.


Damn she was lucky to have you, if nothing else then because of the great sense of humor. Make sure to check your spam folders. You don't even have to use their templates but it makes it easier too. Or whatever makes it impossible to misunderstand what people are looking for. Thank god it's something actually useful.

That's a feature I can get behind. We will have the crowdfunding page up very soon. We're still figuring out how to go about it neither of us are Android devs. Morgana was born a Midlaner. This sounds cool even though I won't participate it, I'm sure other would.

League of Legends Dating App leagueoflegends

Will you have a search setting with search parameters on the app? Gonna call it FiddleSticks. Hey there, we do not wish to reveal this information right now, but be rest assured that nice parameters will be in place, girl i'm dating if something is missing we will work with the community to get them out. What if a female player really likes you and you are bronze? We are a couple fans of the game based in Australia and we have been working on an app that aims to address the problem of players with not enough friends to queue with regularly.

League of legends dating website
Welcome to League of Legends

Welcome to League of Legends

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