Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server - SQL Server

Microsoft Ole Db Provider For Db2 Driver

System Requirements

The provider is free-threaded and Unicode enabled. Reading the Provider property will return this string as well.

Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server

Let me post my connection string so you can compare with yours. System Requirements Supported Operating System.

Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server - SQL Server

For example, advent quantum q200 drivers Microsoft Access supports nested transactions up to five levels deep. Follow Microsoft Facebook Twitter.

Hopefully I can figure this out that way. Do not enable transaction. Use the connection string i posted above to create a linked server. See how to enable scripts.

Microsoft ole db provider for db2 driver

Indicates the method used to reduce potential problems caused by two users trying to access the same data from the data source simultaneously. If the stored procedure will return a value, the return value is treated as another parameter. The following properties are added to the Recordset object's Properties collection.

Different generations of OLE DB Drivers

It worked great for me to receive data, but when it came to Inserting data or updating data, I could not get it to work. The next would be a private hands-on demo for you if needed. Indicates that after a new record has been inserted in a table, the last row in the table will be come the current row. How you use the Command object largely depends on the data source, and what type of query or command statement it will accept. The following properties are added to the Command object's Properties collection.

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Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC - SQL Server

Well, i guess that I have written as specific as possible in the above. And then create a link-server to verify your connection string. The following properties are added to the Connection object's Properties collection. In summary, any attempts to use the LinkedServer for updates failed.

It had worked for me and I used it in my project. There is obviously something different with my system. Knowing that it works on yours and not on mine at least tells me that the connection string is correct. The parameter references are optional and depend on the structure of the stored procedure.